Saturday, July 19, 2008

Long time no blog

Wow, it is amazing how fast this summer is flying by. We have had everything in the way of weather this year. Tons of snow, cold,damp days, flooding. Maybe it is finally all over and we can get on with it. I have been busy with a lifestyle change and it isn't over with so I will just try to jot a note now and then for the time being and let you in on whatever I decide will be the final outcome. Meanwhile I still haven't finished those kneesocks and by the time I mail them they will be going to CO. instead of Texas as the kids out west are once again on the move. Same company for my son but a new and better position. A few days ago Jade was over and insisted on wearing the dress I made her some time ago. You can tell by the length that she is, as my Mom would say, growing like a weed. Their Mom will have finished her college courses for the summer soon and I will have to have the kids each have a "sleep-over" with grandma where they have a day of doing just what they want. Logan can OD on the computer and who knows what Jade will want but it is sure to involve a project. She is something like her grandmother in that way. The pond is overgrown with flowers but they are still nice so I also added a picture of it. I know I need to thin it out as you can't even see the middle and back part of the pond now but at least it looks like it has been there a while and not fresh. So off to walk the dog but will try to take the time the next cloudy day to type again.