Sunday, September 30, 2007

Way too Small

I was working away on my first toe up sock and thought I finally had a running start. The last laugh is on me. Although I managed to figure out the toe it is way way too small for my wide foot. I think I will take a break and find a pattern for a toe up that fits a male foot. If I can get that down I can do some adaptations on the pattern for the KAL. Meanwhile, the weather stays beautiful so what I really should do is go outside and work in the yard. This may be my favorite season but it also is the harbinger of winter, not a time to garden in Wisconsin unless you want to make snow carrots. Here is the toe before I make it into a nice mess of crinkled yarn. five starts and then too small. Do you think I ought to be learning something from this?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

finished the shawl and on to the sock

I finally managed to finish the shawl I was making my neighbor. Okay, so I didn't block it but she will have that done in a nano second. I have also been working on some socks for the Firestarter KAL but I can't say there are going very well. So far I have pulled them out five times. Maybe it is take a break. Maybe I should just break the knitting needles. I let you know what I decide.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The cool weather makes things go faster

I really needed to have the "shot in the arm" of cool weather. I am a real lazy bones when the weather is warm and especially when it is humid. The cooler evenings have helped me get more done on the shawl for Phyllis. I need to get it done before the October winds bring down the leaves so I am working away. I have also started a KAL with my friend at peaknits so I am under the gun so to speak. I have accepted that I may be starting when everyone else is done but that's okay. I have yarn that is so squishable that it will be fun to work with one I get going. Meanwhile here is a picture of the shawl or I should say 1/2 the shawl. You knit it in halves and then knit it together. I think it is done that day because of the pockets. At least this way I know I reached the half way point.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Autumn Day

There is one word for today and that is MAGNIFICENT! The breeze is past crisp, the air has the smell of fall and the color of the sky is Indian Summer even though we are only into September. It is time to start doing more blogging. Last night I had Jade over for a Girls night out. She said I could only take the one picture and maybe tomorrow when she had another sleep over I could take another. I think that was a hint but it didn't work. She was happily playing with her friend when I left her house earlier today. I love Autumn. I have juicy Macintosh apples in the refrigerator. I am thinking of stews, soups and meatloaf. Best yet, it is time that I was soon settle down to doing more crafting. I won't be fast at first but I have started on my neighbor's shawl. She picked the pattern and it is certainly easy enough. The problem was the yarn. I would have never guessed it would be so difficult to find a soft pink in an ultra bulky. I finally manged though and have started so hopefully when the winds blow in Wisconsin this winter she will have something to snuggle in like a warm hug. There is a busy couple of weeks coming at work but then I should be back to the computer on a more regular basis as I finish up the work in the garden and hunker down for the cold days to come.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Large Vest and lots of Grape Jelly

I finally finished that vest I started. Bummer. I shrunk it and it still is way too big. Eureka, I got a great idea. There is a woman at work that it ought to fit. I think I will take it in and give her a surprise gift tomorrow. I know I will never pull it all out and maybe it will be something bright for her day. If not she can give it to the Goodwill and I will never know. Besides finishing the vest we went to the County Fair yesterday. The kids always have to have their share of rides, games and junk food before school starts tomorrow. I came home exhausted and was going to start on the shawl I am making the neighbor when my son called. He said they had a neighbor who had grapes and wasn't going to use them so he told Jared to come and pick them. I wasn't going to turn down washed and stemmed grapes so I went off to their house. They did have lots of them. I brought some home and made grape jelly. The kids are going to do grape juice using my old easy can recipe and make some wine. I love the way the house smells when you are jelly making. Yum, the neighbor with the grapes, the kids and myself will have that wonderful touch of summer this winter when the winds blow. Making memories is always better then doing nothing.