Sunday, July 22, 2007

The sights, sounds and smells of summer

The gentle breeze wafts the smell of the sweet flocks in the open patio door and it is hard to believe that summer will soon turn to fall. The spring flowers and early roses around the pond have given way to Black-eyed Susans, lilies, coneflowers and even a few Hollyhocks. It was a wonderful weekend to let the wind play with my hair while indulging myself in the last Harry Potter Book. Okay, so I might have shed just a couple of tears to see it end but I know I can visit him any time by opening a book into his world of magic. I discovered Harry the first year he came out and thought it would be something like my old favorite the Hobbit. It wasn't, but Harry had his own way of gripping your heart. How wonderful to be the author and have those characters live in you mind. Oh, great news! Chew had all the tests and he passed them all with a negative. He is heartworm, Erlickia, bacterial free. He has taken off about 6 pounds since I got him and is, as the woman who brought me Napoleon said, a stunning Shar Pei. He likes to hide where the bittersweet climbs the fence and peer into the neighbors yard looking for their dog, Bear. I threw in a few pictures of the garden around his area. The flowers have almost grown over the witch's ball and have covered the dancing bronze fairies that twirl in the spring flowers. No knitting or at least no yet this weekend but there is cucumber salad and tuna salad melding in the refrigerator. Ah.h.h.h. The lazy days of summer.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The vest is coming along

Things are looking up. I called to tell the company that they forgot to bill me for my Internet service and they told me I had this month free. I can bend my knee enough to sit down and type on the computer and Izzy is happily cleaning my floors while I sit. You would think I would have finished this while I was doing all the sitting but for some reason I seemed to be more hooked on reading. Summer is never my best time. I like crisp breezes and chilly nights. You will most likely see a lot more work from me when fall comes stealing in. I do think the vest will turn out fine and I am prepared to shrink it a bit with a good hot wash. More later

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I been off the computer for a bit but hopefully am back and ready to go. right now I am obsessed with Izzy my irobet vacuum. I have been under all kinds of bills, mostly vet and dentist and so the money went there and not for fun things. I was at my youngest son's and he had purchased a robot vacuum. Now I figure that I started vacuuming about age 10 and that means I have been doing something that I really don't like to do for 51 years. I had to have one. I found a nice refurbished one on the Internet and decided to give myself a treat. I LOVE IT! The problem is that instead of just letting it go I am busy watching it run. I guess that will wear off soon enough and I will leave it to its own devices. It docks itself on the charger when it's done so there is really no reason not to just come home and have the house vacuumed but I can't leave it alone quite yet. Kind of that dropping off you child the first time at the babysitters. I've started a shawl for my neighbor and will be posting more on that as well as my rather large vest. I didn't think the knee surgery would throw me off as much as it did. So off to check the garden and raspberries and to the pet store for more treats. Chewie really likes his treats.