Sunday, October 28, 2007

A squirrel of his own or almost done

I had scheduled some time off and wouldn't you know it, I ended up sick with a sinus infection and a messed up back. Just goes to show you that some plans are not meant to be. Anyway, I did get most of the things done and I will call on friends for help stripping wallpaper at a later date. Meanwhile while I am getting ready for winter I hung the bird feeders. It took the squirrels about 3 minutes before they found them back up and they are busy hanging upside down and doing their gymnastics to get every little seed. This drives Chewie crazy. Chewie then drives me crazy. It is kind of a round robin type of thing. I don't think it will last for long but I bought the Chew a squirrel that he could catch and squeak. Maybe it will hold his attention for a few minutes. These soft paletted dogs can made the strangest sounds when they want something. Oh, I did start a sweater and will let you know how that goes as I get a bit further along.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

All is not lost

Before falling into bed for my healing nap I managed to finish this dress. I love the little hat. It goes to one of the people I work with for his new baby girl. Every little girl needs something in satin and now they make washable bridal satin. I'm so tickled about washing satin. It makes it perfect for that special baby outfit.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The wind The trash The Chew

I thought I had everything planned. I took off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. I was going to strip wallpaper from the computer room, clean out the garage from the garden mess, dig out the garden and do a ton of miscellaneus things, finishing socks. sewing a gift, starting an afghan. That didn't include the regular like washing cleaning etc. I was even planning on fitting in a visit to a friend on Wednesday. I just knew I could do it all. Of course I woke up Tueday with a sore throat, a dripping nose and all the other signs of a really big head cold on the way. Add to that that we have had some tremendous winds and spitting rain and you know I haven't finshed any of the big projects. I have managed to cover up and fall asleep in my chair after drinking enough hot liquid to make me slosh. I did mush to the store to get a few more boxes of Kleenex. I was really feeling disgruntled when Chewie taught me a lesson. Thursday was garbage day. I think I already told you we have had some really gusty winds. It doesn't take much to figure out that the garbage was blown all over the neighborhood. Now add that I live in a college town. College garbage includes lots of beer cans and beer cartoons. If I was going to take a snooze I had to take Chewie for his walk so off we went. Chewie was not content to pass by a single piece of blowing trash. He had to stop and sniff everything. He seemed to prefer the Miller Lite. I was thinking my cold would soon turn into pneumonia when I realized something. My Chew hates the water and yet he was willing to put up with the discomfort to explore. (I don't think I need to mention he is a young dog). Anyway, the brain cells kicked in and I figured that if he was willing to put up with what he hates to explore the new then I could find something exciting about doing something other then what I had planned.... even if exciting came in the form of hot tea, a good book and a long nap. So now the Chew and I are taking a rest. The wallpaper will still be there as will the garage, the pond and the garden.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Tale of 2 Socklets or Free at Last

Have you ever had that pattern that you make a lot harder then it should be? I certainly did that with these socklets. It all started when I joined a KAL and found out I couldn't figure out the pattern at all. Not being one to give up I decided that what I needed to do was knit a practice pair of toe up socks. About 2 weeks later, one lost knitting needle (Thanks for the loan Stacie) and somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 tension headaches I have finished. I don't know why I am so stubborn and can't just fold once in a while. It is something I am going to have to work on. Meanwhile I am off to a couple of new projects. One is sewing and the other is crocheting. Areas in which I have much more competence. I know. I have knit things that are much more difficult but for some reason my mind just didn't want to go around these so it is time to put them in the wash and call it quits. My mother would have said they were almost the finish of me. My area is targeted for severe weather so I ran out and picked some flowers. I think the colors look nice with the socks and it got me outside for a few minutes.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Failure and being a savey saver

I have started to get busy crafting again. I joined a KAL making socks in the Firestarter pattern. I am an abject failure at this sock. I wasn't big enough so I decided since I have never done toe up socks maybe I better do a simple pair first. I am putting on a picture of my second one and there are tiny little holes in the toe area. I give up. This sounds like something that I need to work on when the snow blows and I am happy to be curled up in the recliner instead of something I want to toss so I can get outside and finish up the work in the garden. Meanwhile see my $0.69 vest that I made for Melissa. She is a teacher and I thought she might like to wear it to school. Actually it is $2.38 plus tax. Both the fabrics come from the Good Will Store. they sell any piece of fabric for .69 and both the outside and lining were purchased there. I love seraching through their bins. I found this after Christmas last year and ran into it while I was seraching for some fabric for a baby gift. I forgot all about it but that only makes it more fun. It is like getting a gift. If you haven't taken time to check out the resale shops you might make the effort. I am always surprised at the treasures I find.