Saturday, October 13, 2007

Failure and being a savey saver

I have started to get busy crafting again. I joined a KAL making socks in the Firestarter pattern. I am an abject failure at this sock. I wasn't big enough so I decided since I have never done toe up socks maybe I better do a simple pair first. I am putting on a picture of my second one and there are tiny little holes in the toe area. I give up. This sounds like something that I need to work on when the snow blows and I am happy to be curled up in the recliner instead of something I want to toss so I can get outside and finish up the work in the garden. Meanwhile see my $0.69 vest that I made for Melissa. She is a teacher and I thought she might like to wear it to school. Actually it is $2.38 plus tax. Both the fabrics come from the Good Will Store. they sell any piece of fabric for .69 and both the outside and lining were purchased there. I love seraching through their bins. I found this after Christmas last year and ran into it while I was seraching for some fabric for a baby gift. I forgot all about it but that only makes it more fun. It is like getting a gift. If you haven't taken time to check out the resale shops you might make the effort. I am always surprised at the treasures I find.

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