Saturday, March 24, 2007

Getting ready

Why does it always take me so long to get ready to go any place? I am not leaving until Wednesday AM. True, I am working Monday and Tuesday but still how much should I have to do? I will have all the convenience of home except more things. If I need something there will be a store available. Now tell me....why did I have to clean out the refrigerator? My neighbor and kids will be sharing the care of Chewie. Both have seen my refrigerator when it is stocked with those little mystery green filled containers. Oh, and then there is the need to hem my pants. I hemmed pants for people at work last week. I have no problem just rolling up my jeans at home...but no, here I am snipping and pinning. It isn't that it is hard. It does take time and when you add in the refrigerator and ironing, well, you get the idea. So no knitting at the present. I am enjoying looking at the garden catalogues. I am even thinking about buying lottery tickets and telling the Chewie caretakers to scratch one a day. I did see that my secret pal got her first package. She seems to like it and I am having a wonderful time reading her blog. It is just packed full of things plus it sounds as though she has a really interesting job. Not to forget that in secret pal there are both the spoilers and spoilees. My spoiler has been a great communicator. I can hardly wait to read her blog. she has already helped me find a pattern and to top it all off she spins and thinks I just might be interested in some hand spun yarn. YES! I might might might be interested. How lucky can you get. Two great people. Now off to soak and get out the kinks. If I am lax in the new week or two I will be back.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I did it. All they need is blocking and I am ready to put on the Birkies and pretend it is summer. As you can see Chewie isn't sure if he is impressed.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Secret Pal 10

Because I am leaving for a short vacation soon I wanted to get my first package out for my secret pal. She loves blue and hates pink. (Sorry about the bath soak pal). she said she also loves lavendar and showed a picture from her garden so she can plant the seeds in a pot or outside when the weather warms up a bit. Hope she likes she first haul. Oh, the funky socks have arrived at my granddaughter's house so here is a picture of them modeled on her slender leg.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's an orphan but I hope not for long

Here is the funky toed sock I said I would post a picture of. My hope is to get time to make the match, put them on when I leave for TX and grab them off when the plane touches the ground. I hate to wear shoes in the winter. My birkies are calling.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring fever

Spring is finally coming to Wisconsin. When driving home last night I saw the ice on the river had broken up. We are supposed to have a bit of snow tomorrow and maybe Friday but I can't help but think that is about it. I finshed one sock of a toed sock so I can get into my flip-flops early. My feet will be so happy to breath again. Will post a picture later. I purchased this merino wool from ebay and I love the colors. I have found that I really like the superwash wool for socks but I will take exception to this one. Off to work for a few hours and then home to start the spring cleaning out. I really do get that spring cleaning feeling. It started last weekend and although the intensity is going, it is still with me. Thank God, it doesn't last forever. I like a clean and tidy home but enough is enough. I'm more anxious to get into the gardens than clean. The seed cataloges are worn from paging and it's getting to be time to place an order. On the 28th I will be flying to Texas to visit with my oldest son and his family. Lots of grandkids to hug and spoil. They are planning to put some raised veggie gardens in his new home and I can't wait. Tomato plants here I come. By the time I'm back it will be garden time in the midwest. Yeah!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I've been lazy

I have certainly been remiss in blogging the past couple of weeks. With the snow and winds I have felt more like curling up with a good book then getting on the computer. Plus the computer keeps wanting to be shut down before it works correctly. Anyway, the good news is I finally finished the toed socks for my granddaughter in Texas. I hope the gold doesn't itch her toe. The back is cabled all the way down the heel but it is hard to see in the picture. I really like this pattern and will have to make myself a pair of socks with it one of these days. Chewie has had the last two injections for heart worm so I am busy trying to keep him quiet. He really loves his painkillers. He must feel no pain but certainly gets a high. I have to keep an eye on him so he doesn't try to sneak out and go to the neighbors hoping that someone has had a tooth pulled and might have a bit of medication left over in the medicine cabinet. Secret pal 10 starts soon so I really need to get back in the habit of getting an entry on my blog every few days. I am back and promise to do better.