Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh well, I like my vests big anyway

See what you can get accomplished when you are stuck with an elevated knee. I had my surgery on Thursday. I have read 4 books, did this much on my vest, taken a few "side trips" and am still slow. It wasn't the surgery. considering the Dr. said it was worse then it had looked in the MRI, it really is not much to put up with. Unfortunately, I had a nasty reaction to the non-steroidal anti-inflamatory before I got the the surgery and my stomach is still giving me fits. That leads me to the big vest. No, I haven't lost that much weight, although it would be nice to take some off and not eating is sure to make me drop a few pounds. I did a swatch, well it was kind of a swatch. I wanted the vest size to fall in between the upper two sizes on the pattern. I decided that a size bigger needle would do the trick. I forgot that cotton and linen, the blend in the yarn, sort of stretches. I'm big but not as big as this vest. I like it anyway, I will wear it because I don't have the energy to go yanking and I really might like it that big. There must be something wrong but I just don't have the perfect gene. I will fool around with this and make it work. Meanwhile back to my chair and I will let you know how it comes out.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Unbelievable Gift

I have the most amazingly generous secret pal 10. Well she is not so secret anymore but she is amazing. Here is the package she sent. It isn't impossible for me to get to the shop she co-owns and I have to plan a trip one of these days because it looks like "home" to me. Check it out at Now on to the gift that range from hand spun yarn, that she dyed and spun just for me to special shampoo and doggie treats to make package for Chewie, who by the way is wiggling with delight. (well, maybe not about the bath) She has sent just "tons" of herbal soap that I love and a wonderful package of all kinds of herbal products. I have popcorn from Iowa. A kit to make mittens. Knitting needles, a Cocoa package from Penzi, you name it she has thought of it. Secret Pal you are wonderful and if I were a tad closer I would have to see if Chewie liked that kitten. Take care and do stay in touch. I will be blogging about what I make out of all the wonderful things that you have sent. I am even getting weak on spinning so maybe we can chat about that one of these days. May you be blessed with pals who are half as great as you.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Slip Sliding Away

Time has really gotten away from me. After I banged up my knee everything seems to take so much time that I haven't been blogging like I should. I am doing some knitting and wanted to get this on so my secret pal can see that I have started something with the wonderful pick yarn she sent. It's a vest called Iris. I will be a bit slow but it will get done. Right now I am ruinating because I seem to have come down with a cold and that means they will probably put the surgery off for a week or so until my nose stops running like a sieve. Patience, I need to cultivate patience! Off to get the clothes out of the dryer and wish my sons Happy Father's Day, or in the case of the youngest, Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day. Have a great day, both of you.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

the last package is ready to go

I have put together my last package for secret pal 10. Hope she likes it. I always enjoy secret pal. I have been so very lucky in the people who got my name and I hope the ones I have had the opportunity to spoil feel the same. Now off to the post office tomorrow.

Short and Sweet

I've been a bit under the weather so I will make this short and sweet. the answer to the trivia question is I believe voldemort. I started working with some beautiful yarn my secret pal sent and am getting my final package ready to go to my secret pal. Pictures later.