Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh well, I like my vests big anyway

See what you can get accomplished when you are stuck with an elevated knee. I had my surgery on Thursday. I have read 4 books, did this much on my vest, taken a few "side trips" and am still slow. It wasn't the surgery. considering the Dr. said it was worse then it had looked in the MRI, it really is not much to put up with. Unfortunately, I had a nasty reaction to the non-steroidal anti-inflamatory before I got the the surgery and my stomach is still giving me fits. That leads me to the big vest. No, I haven't lost that much weight, although it would be nice to take some off and not eating is sure to make me drop a few pounds. I did a swatch, well it was kind of a swatch. I wanted the vest size to fall in between the upper two sizes on the pattern. I decided that a size bigger needle would do the trick. I forgot that cotton and linen, the blend in the yarn, sort of stretches. I'm big but not as big as this vest. I like it anyway, I will wear it because I don't have the energy to go yanking and I really might like it that big. There must be something wrong but I just don't have the perfect gene. I will fool around with this and make it work. Meanwhile back to my chair and I will let you know how it comes out.


girlwithasword said...

i think it's beautiful so far! I hope you are feeling better??

Queue said...

way to go! It's good to be a knitter when you're ordered to rest. And 4 books?? Wow!

Christy J said...

Hope your recovery goes smoothly from here on in. The vest pattern looks lovely, and we don't all want to wear little formfitting sweaters, so it will probably suit you allright.