Friday, June 22, 2007

Unbelievable Gift

I have the most amazingly generous secret pal 10. Well she is not so secret anymore but she is amazing. Here is the package she sent. It isn't impossible for me to get to the shop she co-owns and I have to plan a trip one of these days because it looks like "home" to me. Check it out at Now on to the gift that range from hand spun yarn, that she dyed and spun just for me to special shampoo and doggie treats to make package for Chewie, who by the way is wiggling with delight. (well, maybe not about the bath) She has sent just "tons" of herbal soap that I love and a wonderful package of all kinds of herbal products. I have popcorn from Iowa. A kit to make mittens. Knitting needles, a Cocoa package from Penzi, you name it she has thought of it. Secret Pal you are wonderful and if I were a tad closer I would have to see if Chewie liked that kitten. Take care and do stay in touch. I will be blogging about what I make out of all the wonderful things that you have sent. I am even getting weak on spinning so maybe we can chat about that one of these days. May you be blessed with pals who are half as great as you.


Maggie said...

it has been an absolute DELIGHT to be your partner, and I plan to stay in touch!! I hope you enjoy the goodies SHOULD learn to spin!! hee hee! i love to enable new spinners!!! I should have sent you a drop spindle!! :) :) :)

peaknits said...

OMG - great package! I am not giving up hope yet:) I love everything you got - I may just have to order some of that fabulous soap too! You deserve such a special pal buddy!