Monday, December 31, 2007

the newsboy hat

I have all this lovely yarn that I have received in swaps that I really must use up. This is another great swap gift. It is wool, angora and silk. I think the silk is what shows up shiny in the picture. It doesn't have quite that shine in person. Anyway, I thought I would surprise my Wisconsin daughter-in-law with this. It should go great with her hair and her husband (my son you understand) said I can't make her any old lady hats. I think this will qualify as youthful. The yarn knit up fast and just slide off the needles. I made the majority of this yesterday and finished the bill this AM. I have resolved to use up some of this great yarn and am glad I did. So many projects can be made with a skein or two and I have been avoiding them for larger things. Sometimes I need to be reminded of the old saying that the best gifts can come in small packages.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A contribution to Green

I wrote yesterday that I was making myself a book bag to take to the library. Thanks to a wonderful swap partner I had hand spun, hand dyed yarn in such a great color. I started out wanting to make myself a Doctor's satchel but didn't have enough yarn and I did want it all in one color. However, I did have enough that with a little combination of yarn I could make a book bag and here are the results. I am thinking of sending it through one more cycle to make it just a hair smaller. I have to keep it big enough to drag home all those large size craft and pattern books as well as my weekly reading material. Thanks again Maggie, I love the yarn and it felted up great!

Friday, December 28, 2007

When you don't have to go anywhere,,,It's Beautiful

Just a couple of snapshots taken at dusk from the patio door. Winter has once again hit Wisconsin. I am working on a book bag to take my books to the library. I am not the most green person around. There are things I am willing to do and things I am not. For example, I am not willing to give up my AC and have my head stuffed up all summer. I am willing and able to have my own garden and buy from the farmer's market. So...the library in our towns gives you wonderful heavy plastic book bags. Because I am there so often they are replaced about every 2 or three months. Here is a place I can go green. I am knitting and felting a book bag so it won't have to be replaced. Hopefully it is true that every little bit helps. I'll post again when it's finished and you can give me your opinion.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

One more pair

I just finished what I think is the last pair of felted mittens for this year. This pair is more classic and not as "femme" as the ones I posted a few days ago. I try to make the gift match the recipient. Now I am working on a large tote to handle dragging my books back and forth to the library on a weekly basis. I have some wonderful hand spun yarn that I received from a swap that reminds me of a creamsicle and that is going to be the basis with some other bits and pieces. I love to felt because you really don't know what you have until it comes out of the washer. It is kind of a mystery process. You start out with something that to me is large and usually kind of ugly looking. Soap, water and a little beating up and it comes out beautiful. Come to think of it, life is like that. Often the things that you fear or hate the most come to be the things that are the best thing that ever happened. They just need soap, water and a little beating up. Off to clean my years accumulation of junk hidden in my roll top desk. I have added a picture of the family members. Lady Jane is showing her "svelte" figure and Chewie is asking can I get her just once. (He has found that if he runs at her she takes off to get out of the way. Some times she just stops and sits down instead of running and hiding. In this case Chewie, who does not have the best brake system, ends up running right past her. What a crew. Hopefully the demon Jealousy will soon be gone and I won't have to be petting with both hands whenever one or the other comes for loving.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting Closer

Here is the felted mittens and I have another in the works. Logan's sweater is all packed. Of course I forget to take a picture in the frenzy of getting gifts wrapped. I managed to get the flu again. My son came and said, "Oh, I had that last week." I think that was just before he came and gave me a big hug and kiss on leaving. I also have added a new member to the family. Lady Jane, a rather plump, okay let's say obese cat is now in control of the house. She persists in rubbing against the Chew so that he will smell of her. She also decided that he needed a bath today. Pictures will follow. Right now wrapping takes priority as I lost a day or so there sitting on the throne.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Forging Onward

I just finished hammering out a few more Christmas Projects. Actually, I only have a couple left so I can take a nice deep breath and slow down. Logan's sweater will be dry soon and then to just put on the sleeves and sew up the sides. Yea... I also made him a nightshirt this morning but forgot to take a picture. No problem, I am sure you have all seen a nightshirt. The bag holds a special gift for my daughter in law that mowed the yard for me and picked raspberries when I had the bum knee. I bought a new sewing machine over a year ago. It converts to a full embroidery machine and I really haven't had time to play around with it so yesterday I played. I have some things to figure out yet but it is good enough for a Christmas gift bag and who knows what I will accomplish next - if I take the time that is. Wisconsin is having quite a winter. Lots of snow and ice. I don't like driving in the stuff but I have to say it is really beautiful outside. Talk about a picture postcard. I think I will go and made a pot of tea before rolling up some Kahlua truffles I have chilling in the refrigerator. I will take the tea and sit and admire the sparkling landscape. Sometimes I have to remind myself that holidays are to enjoy. Tea and truffles anyone?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What is a Princess?

Jade and Logan have been visiting quite a bit last week while Mom and Dad were in rehearsals and preformance of the Christmas Band. She always brought with her a book called what is a Princess? It says things like a princess is brave. Jade said she was brave. A princess is polite. Jade said she was polite. A princess likes clothes. Jade said she definitely like clothes. We were doing fine until we got to a princess is smart. Jade said, "I'm not sure about that one Grandma." Of course that makes me think she is very smart. Meanwhile, I made her an Elizabethan Christmas dress for her Christmas Performance. I lost the pattern for a while so part of it is by guess but it sparkles like a Princess so I think she will like it. I'm on the sleeves to Logan's sweater and that just leaves his nightshirt and a pair of felted mittens for a friend. I still have some shopping but I keep reminding myself I have a couple of weeks yet. Now I will go and get my cup of tea. Wisconsin was hit with another winter storm. It looks like it is going to be an "old time" winter. right now it looks like a picture postcard outside. Peace and Christmas, they seem to go together.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter Hits Wisconsin

We finally got our first storm yesterday. That made it a great day to cook, sew and knit. Here is a casual outfit I made for the princess. I am still working on Logan's sweater so nothing new to report on that front. I am also getting together a package for the Secret Santa Swap. Of course, I forgot some things I have to put in and the package is all sealed so today I will have to try to make a slit in the tape and stuff in the other items. when the kids were little and my husband, who wasn't a ex yet, was home there was nothing that made me feel better then a nice winter storm. I was crazy until everyone got home safe but after that there was such a nice cozy feeling. I still get that. I made cardamon cookies and spritz so the smell filled the house and it was a time to be a peace. When I lived in TX. everyone because upset over a winter storm, even one that I saw as very mild. I think they miss that nice safe feeling of being warm and cozy and watching the wind blow outside. So let it long as the roads are all cleared for work on Monday. Oh, yes that is a real blue pointsetta. I love the new colors.