Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting Closer

Here is the felted mittens and I have another in the works. Logan's sweater is all packed. Of course I forget to take a picture in the frenzy of getting gifts wrapped. I managed to get the flu again. My son came and said, "Oh, I had that last week." I think that was just before he came and gave me a big hug and kiss on leaving. I also have added a new member to the family. Lady Jane, a rather plump, okay let's say obese cat is now in control of the house. She persists in rubbing against the Chew so that he will smell of her. She also decided that he needed a bath today. Pictures will follow. Right now wrapping takes priority as I lost a day or so there sitting on the throne.


peaknits said...

OMG - do you think that big ole cat is comfortable or what? Love it! (but maybe a teeny diet is in order?:) Glad you are feeling better - have a very merry Christmas with your menagerie!

girlwithasword said...

Merry Christmas Diane! What a LOVELY additition to your household - she is a beautiful ball of fur and very lucky to live with you and CHew :)