Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What is a Princess?

Jade and Logan have been visiting quite a bit last week while Mom and Dad were in rehearsals and preformance of the Christmas Band. She always brought with her a book called what is a Princess? It says things like a princess is brave. Jade said she was brave. A princess is polite. Jade said she was polite. A princess likes clothes. Jade said she definitely like clothes. We were doing fine until we got to a princess is smart. Jade said, "I'm not sure about that one Grandma." Of course that makes me think she is very smart. Meanwhile, I made her an Elizabethan Christmas dress for her Christmas Performance. I lost the pattern for a while so part of it is by guess but it sparkles like a Princess so I think she will like it. I'm on the sleeves to Logan's sweater and that just leaves his nightshirt and a pair of felted mittens for a friend. I still have some shopping but I keep reminding myself I have a couple of weeks yet. Now I will go and get my cup of tea. Wisconsin was hit with another winter storm. It looks like it is going to be an "old time" winter. right now it looks like a picture postcard outside. Peace and Christmas, they seem to go together.

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peaknits said...

Let's hope the peace continues:) Great job knocking out another project!