Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter Hits Wisconsin

We finally got our first storm yesterday. That made it a great day to cook, sew and knit. Here is a casual outfit I made for the princess. I am still working on Logan's sweater so nothing new to report on that front. I am also getting together a package for the Secret Santa Swap. Of course, I forgot some things I have to put in and the package is all sealed so today I will have to try to make a slit in the tape and stuff in the other items. when the kids were little and my husband, who wasn't a ex yet, was home there was nothing that made me feel better then a nice winter storm. I was crazy until everyone got home safe but after that there was such a nice cozy feeling. I still get that. I made cardamon cookies and spritz so the smell filled the house and it was a time to be a peace. When I lived in TX. everyone because upset over a winter storm, even one that I saw as very mild. I think they miss that nice safe feeling of being warm and cozy and watching the wind blow outside. So let it long as the roads are all cleared for work on Monday. Oh, yes that is a real blue pointsetta. I love the new colors.

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Marlene said...

Preciosos los toma ollas y los paƱos igual, muy novedosos!!!
volvere a visitar tu blog, muy entretenido!! que tengas una linda semana.-