Friday, December 28, 2007

When you don't have to go anywhere,,,It's Beautiful

Just a couple of snapshots taken at dusk from the patio door. Winter has once again hit Wisconsin. I am working on a book bag to take my books to the library. I am not the most green person around. There are things I am willing to do and things I am not. For example, I am not willing to give up my AC and have my head stuffed up all summer. I am willing and able to have my own garden and buy from the farmer's market. So...the library in our towns gives you wonderful heavy plastic book bags. Because I am there so often they are replaced about every 2 or three months. Here is a place I can go green. I am knitting and felting a book bag so it won't have to be replaced. Hopefully it is true that every little bit helps. I'll post again when it's finished and you can give me your opinion.

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