Monday, September 01, 2008

Forgot the pictures

More that remiss

Okay, I am embarrased but this summer has gotten to me and I have been, as mentioned above, more then remiss on blogging. I can't say this will be over for another month but I did want to put on the go to school "jumper" I made Jade. I had to make it a bit larger and was worried but this is on over her shorts outfit so it should be fine for school. I will return shortly as the autumn winds force me to spend more time in the house. Oh, the other picture is me, about 60 pounds lighter then the May blog and sitting on my son's Harley. You will note I put sitting, not riding or driving.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Long time no blog

Wow, it is amazing how fast this summer is flying by. We have had everything in the way of weather this year. Tons of snow, cold,damp days, flooding. Maybe it is finally all over and we can get on with it. I have been busy with a lifestyle change and it isn't over with so I will just try to jot a note now and then for the time being and let you in on whatever I decide will be the final outcome. Meanwhile I still haven't finished those kneesocks and by the time I mail them they will be going to CO. instead of Texas as the kids out west are once again on the move. Same company for my son but a new and better position. A few days ago Jade was over and insisted on wearing the dress I made her some time ago. You can tell by the length that she is, as my Mom would say, growing like a weed. Their Mom will have finished her college courses for the summer soon and I will have to have the kids each have a "sleep-over" with grandma where they have a day of doing just what they want. Logan can OD on the computer and who knows what Jade will want but it is sure to involve a project. She is something like her grandmother in that way. The pond is overgrown with flowers but they are still nice so I also added a picture of it. I know I need to thin it out as you can't even see the middle and back part of the pond now but at least it looks like it has been there a while and not fresh. So off to walk the dog but will try to take the time the next cloudy day to type again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I lost it

I must have been off the computer too long. I can't find my post. I hope this doesn't go on twice. I have been off the computer for a while. I had company and for a short while my computer was messed up. Luckily for me a friend's husband has me up and running again. So a quick catch-up is that spring is really...really here. I put the spiral knee sock that I am knitting Meghan by the lilacs. I love the colors together. I might just have to make something in that lovely lavender to go with them. I just found out Meghan will be in Wisconsin part of the summer watching Jade and Logan. What fun. I hope we find time to go somewhere. Maybe we can even engage her in lying a new floor in the kitchen. Teenagers are such fun. I have also been getting the Santa nightshirt ready and as soon as I finish Santa's face I will put on a picture of the finished project. I did seem to lose my magnifier so that will require a trip to a craft store. Oh, woe is me...You can imagine I would just hate doing that....Ha LOL.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A cap with Bling

Jade's birthday has been kind of confusing this year. Her Mom had a memorial service to go to for her aunt and her dad had to be in Seattle for work so it was decided it would be this coming weekend instead. that gave me time to knit up a quick hat for the extra wait. It will be for next winter but she will have it ready and will now have a special hat just like her Mom has a special hat. this is the Captiane but I just can't take the heavy stripe across the brim. So I decided to add some bling by sewing on some rhinestone hearts. I hope Jade will like it. There is nothing like something fun and quick to make.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Color at last!

I had to go outside and see what survived what was a harsh winter. the tiny red tulips were up weeks ago in the snow and are always out before their bigger brothers. A bunch of violets in the lawn (I know they will have to go but for now I am just grateful for the color and a very few of loads of daffodils. Spring has finally come

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I am afraid it stretched out when I pulled it out of the sink. Honest, it really is heavy. So a careful hot water wash may be in the works. The buttons look kind of off looking across and down but there are two on the right and one on the left. Sort of quirky but I like quirky things. Started semi spring cleaning today and did get the screens washed and in the bay window so the smell of spring can come wafting into the house. I even washed the shower curtains and liners. For some reason I hate doing those so it tells you that even though I am not all out I am taking this spring cleaning stuff seriously. Tonight I will wind some yarn for a cap and then off to sew doll bodies. I have a wonderful friend who will be here bringing the counted cross faces and if I don't have the bodies finished and the clothes made my name will be mud in more ways then one. Daffodils are finally blooming and the tulips are heavy in bud. It makes me think that there is finally going to be an end to this long long winter.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A retro for the Domestic Goddess

I uncovered the sewing machine. It did act up a bit for a while. I think it's mad at me for not giving it enough attention. After a bit of fooling with it and sewing on some scrapes, it came around so that I could make Jade, the Domestic Goddess in the making, a couple of aprons. No, I am not kidding about the Domestic Goddess part. Last weekend she showed up at my house in her apron saying it was getting too small and could I make her another one. At that point she asked me if I knew what she had in her pocket and pulled out a spatula. I have been called a Martha Stewart but I have never liked aprons. Oh well, how can you say no.The light is bad and I can't seem to get a good picture but the white one trimmed in red reminded me of the 50's so I put it on good or not. Maybe Jade will grow up to be a CEO but right now she is into homemaking. I am also continuing to work on the top for Melissa. About 5 more inches and I can cast off. I am really a wimp about this top. The pattern is easy and I think it will be very nice but it is heavy... heavy. Am I the only one who hates it when what you are knitting weighs on your hands? I have lots more to do and need to get this done so I can get busy with my other projects. I have the body of sleeping Santa to make before my crafting buddy arrives to put it together. I have socks and a hat on the back burner. Then it is almost time to go out into the garden. Yes, it snowed yesterday but only a little bit so I can't help but think the time is coming soon to be planted and weeding. So back to knitting.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last week

Yes, last week I was busy and didn't get to work much on knitting. that didn't mean there were no projects going on as Jade and Logan were at my house for a couple of days. Melissa, a teacher had spring vacation one week and they had it the next so the grandmothers each did a couple of days of play. The projects got sent home but we did computer t-shirt transfers, made tissue paper flowers, Mod paged some boxes and baked shortbread dipped in white chocolate with, of course, spring sprinkles. There were games, reading and puzzles so I really didn't get much else done but they only stay little a short time. Remember there was a time when it was fun to do the dishes instead of putting them in the dishwasher. Logan is already getting past that stage and would just play computer games if he had his choice. When spring comes they can help in the garden. My mother always said that if it was planted by a child it would grow and she has proved right through the years. I also put in a picture of the newest member in the Texas household. Seems to me that Nathan has found himself a protector. I'm told that Elmer spends each night curled up by his buddy Nathan. With all the activity managed to mess up Melissa's top and had to pull out to the setup row and start again. That happens when you are in a hurry and think you know what the instructions are going to say so you just go ahead and don't bother to read carefully. I have been suitably chastised and am once again knitting away. I have also ordered some yarn from a new supplier and will post about it when it comes in. I also included a picture of the Chew since Lady Jane with her dynamic weight loss got to be front and center the last post. Meanwhile...don't worry about the mud and have a happy spring.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

And the Biggest Loser is.......

You guessed it. Lady Jane. If you look carefully you can now see that she actually has a leg bone. She gives all the credit to her trainer Chewie who runs her daily and her Mom who continues to give her good for you cat food even though she would rather have the McD's type. LJ says she will always be a big cat but it is nice to jump again especially when trainer Chewie comes barreling after her for her evening exercise. Now on a more depressing note, we just had another snowstorm in Wisconsin. This winter has been about two years long. I once again couldn't get out of the garage even though I stayed home on Friday so the Easter Bunny is made in the old style where you use what you have in the house and cut it out of a regular round cake pan. Actually, the snow this time of year isn't quite as bad. You know it can't last too long so you can grit your teeth and bear the storms. While snowed in I also got a good start on a sweater that I am making Melissa. The color reminds me of an aged bourdeau. Lucky Melissa with her wonderful coloring can wear what most of us can't so it is always fun to find a special color I want to work on and make it for her. The man who does my plowing has finally done the drive and off to Walmart to find a vacuum belt. Issy is great on the floors but yesterday I wanted to go over the walls and of course it was only minutes before I smelled that burnt rubber odor. Murphy's Law strikes again.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A touch of Spring

Here is Jade's top from the sister act. I started the hat but decided that she would have more fun with the tote so one of these days I will get going on that. Meanwhile the yarn arrived for her Mom's top. It is called simply Grape and it does look the color of a glass of grape juice. Maybe I can get that cast on tonight. Spring continues to inch its way to Wisconsin. The college kids are out in their shorts although I see no one was wearing sandals yet. Maybe I will be the first one to do that. Now it is once again off to a cup of hot tea. Sometimes it seems that there is just nothing happening and I hate to be repetitive when I post. Does anyone else have that problem? Maybe that is because my life is pretty calm. Not that I am complaining. I have had my share of chaos and am willing to accept things going a bit more smoothly.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sister Act

My youngest grand-daughter is 4 years old and lives in Wisconsin. Just like her grandmother she had a difficult time with family relationships. She insists that my oldest granddaughter, age 16, who lives in Texas is her sister. She thinks Meghan is perfect and so when I had some yarn left over from making Meghan a top I thought Jade would like one that was the same color as her "sister's." I am not crazy enough to make one that is quite as time consuming for a 4 year old who will be growing out of it at a lightening rate but I did find a cute pattern in the Family Circle's Easy Knits for Kids book that looked like a fast knit. So here is the start of Jade's top. If the weather keeps staying below normal I should have it finished before too long. I know I am not the only one have a problem with the winter in the mid-west this year but I am starting to act like a mummy that just sits, drinks tea and reads while dreaming of the coming spring. That , of course, does not mention that since I feel the need to bake in cold weather I also am busy stuffing my face and taking things to work so that I don't finish them off myself. That's the bad news. The good news is there are tulips up on the side of my house. Most are still covered in inches of snow but this brave bunch is where I shovel by the steps. Uncovered from the ice pack and snow mound the stems are at least 3 inches above the ground. Yeah! Spring must really be coming.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another top finished

Here is Meghan's next gift spread out and drying. For some reason I had a difficult time getting a picture and will try to do better later but I really did get it done. For some reason Lady Jane seems to think that wet or not this is a good place to stretch out and rest so I have been guarding the spare room. Today there was sun. Thank-you thank-you thank-you God. We are supposed to have snow again Monday leaving me in quite quandary. I can't put my car in the garage behind my house because I can't make it up the hill which is all ice. I can't leave it in the drive if it snows because the plow can't get in and I might not be able to get out to help matters. OHHHHHHHHH This has truly been a long winter. Last week, when I was still using the garage, I couldn't get the car out because of the ice rink hill. The next day I hit the garage door opener to give it a try and the opener went up but the door didn't tearing off the top part of the door and, picture this, bending the metal frame. I keep thinking that spring has to come soon. Chewie and Sera and blowing their coats. I only hope that their biology knows something I don't. Meanwhile, back to doing a little work on the quilt and reading.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I finished my Gnome and his name is Gilbert. I'm not sure why but it seems to fit him. Sorry about the picture but it is another overcast day here in Wisconsin. Gilbert kind of matches my house so he blends in and even with sunshine I am not sure he would be too outstanding. I think that is what Gnomes do though...hide. Hopefully, I will get Meghan's sweater blocked this afternoon and then I can post a picture of that. Meanwhile here is the further saga of the Chew and Lady Jane. He chases her enough that she has managed to get off some of that weight and is now becoming a jumping cat. No, I don't think he is trying to get her but to play. At least they don't run all the time as you can see by the picture. Now off to bake. Another one of those days with heavy rains causing flooding and snow expected soon. What a winter!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Good Part of Bad Weather

We are really being blasted with the cold. But after feeling down and depressed I finally found a good reason for being stuck in the house. I had made poopie paths for the dog so he could get out and be somewhat protected from the bitter winds but they weren't deep enough to protect me and I really needed something different to do. I have finished all but 7 inches on the back of the top I am making Meghan and my eyes were crossing so I went back to one of my oldest friends the sewing machine. Last summer while rummaging I found a pattern that I just haven't had the time to work on. Look hard because it will be a while before you see it again. I have managed to get the basic done but there will be hours and hours of handwork before I get to the quilting. I got this because I was feeling like a rotton gram because it was easier to make Jade something then Logan. All the boys are harder. Jade is just close in distance so she gets the quick to put together goodies. Slender Meghan is getting to the point where she looks like a model so it is fun to knit for her. Then I saw this I thought it was something that a boy could keep until he was a man grown. If I get it done I will have to see that all the other grands that are male get something similar. These are for the long haul and so it will be a while before the finish line is in sight but hopefully it will be worth it.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

What the "kids" think of this winter

It is plain to see that both Chewie and Lady Jane are not impressed with the Wisconsin Winter this year. Meanwhile, as the wind blows I continue to work on Meghan's spring top. Right now the sun is shining but the wind is picking up. This morning was used get the ice chunks the plow put in the driveway moved so that they didn't freeze there this evening. The brownies are in the oven. By now you know I always seem to bake when it is cold outside. No wonder people in this climate gain weight in the winter. The yarn has arrived for the gnomes but they will have to wait until I finish the top. I always wonder how people can have a dozen projects going at one time. I would never finish anything. More power to them.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thinking of Texas

I started a sweater for the Texas grand-daughter the other day. I was going to make something simple and had emailed her the pattern for approval. When they were sold out of the yarn I wanted I got a great buy on some Noro cotton and silk blend so decided to stick with a pattern that I know she likes. It reminds me of the fresh green color of spring. This will be a bit sturdier then one I made her out of hemp so maybe she will be able to wear it without something underneath for that warm Texas springtime. Meanwhile in the Midwest we are having snow again and it looks like the forecast is snow every day this week so I pulled out my Typically Texas Cookbook. It was put together by our electric Coop when I lived in Texas and has some really great recipies. I ended up making the poppy seed coffee cake rolls. I love the smell of baking bread in the house when it is overcast and snowy outside. Time in my part of the country to start thinking of ways to fight off SAD. Baking is one of the ways for me. Back to knitting and if you see this Jacki you know I switched patterns. But I know Meghan loves this one and it looks really different in this light spring color.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The snake

I managed to finish one sock and wouldn't you know it, it's snowing again with no one around to take a picture. I really wanted a picture of the heel. It is the old eye of the partridge but with this yarn it really makes a nice pattern. Now off to make another one. Oh, the Packers lost last night. I am trying to convince myself that there were millions of people watching the game and it isn't my fault just because I had tea and muffins instead of beer and brats while watching. Talk about being responsible for the world. I know it's a "woman thing" but when do we ever get over that responsibility factor.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


My co-worker, Peaknit, who I think of as one of the sock queens is always singing the praises of Wollmeise so I had to try some. Wow, it is hard to get because it always seems to be sold out. Salamander was one of their new offerings and I managed to get a skein. She knows what she is talking about. It really is nice to work with. I think this looks a bit like snake skin. That's a compliment by the way. You can't see the pattern very well in the picture but when the socks are finished I will post again...this time on a foot. Meanwhile back to the kitchen. The temperatures are way below zero if you take into consideration the wind chill. That's supposed to be Packers weather and although I am not a huge football fan even I might have to watch this game. So Poppy Seed Muffins and tea as I knit and watch the game.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

the hat on a head

Here is my beautiful daughter in law Melissa wearing her cap. My boys were both lucky in the girls they married and the girls, I should say women, both are great looking. I couldn't resist putting this on as I thought it fit the way her hair flips up.

Another cap

I forgot to put on the picture of the seaman's cap I made. Can't give a hat to one person and not the other when they are in the same household. Plus, the last time my son came by he was taking the kids snow tubing and didn't have a hat. I hope he just leaves this one in the car. I have also added a picture of Lady Jane and Chewie. They seem to getting along fine and take turns give each other baths. Returned to work to be overwhelmed. That is not a good excuse for not blogging as often as I should but it is an excuse. We have been short someone for almost a year now and hopefully we will be back at full staff in a couple of months. So off to the library and pet food store. Clothes to Wash and beds to make. Wow, does anyone besides me think that this never ends?