Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Good Part of Bad Weather

We are really being blasted with the cold. But after feeling down and depressed I finally found a good reason for being stuck in the house. I had made poopie paths for the dog so he could get out and be somewhat protected from the bitter winds but they weren't deep enough to protect me and I really needed something different to do. I have finished all but 7 inches on the back of the top I am making Meghan and my eyes were crossing so I went back to one of my oldest friends the sewing machine. Last summer while rummaging I found a pattern that I just haven't had the time to work on. Look hard because it will be a while before you see it again. I have managed to get the basic done but there will be hours and hours of handwork before I get to the quilting. I got this because I was feeling like a rotton gram because it was easier to make Jade something then Logan. All the boys are harder. Jade is just close in distance so she gets the quick to put together goodies. Slender Meghan is getting to the point where she looks like a model so it is fun to knit for her. Then I saw this I thought it was something that a boy could keep until he was a man grown. If I get it done I will have to see that all the other grands that are male get something similar. These are for the long haul and so it will be a while before the finish line is in sight but hopefully it will be worth it.

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