Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last week

Yes, last week I was busy and didn't get to work much on knitting. that didn't mean there were no projects going on as Jade and Logan were at my house for a couple of days. Melissa, a teacher had spring vacation one week and they had it the next so the grandmothers each did a couple of days of play. The projects got sent home but we did computer t-shirt transfers, made tissue paper flowers, Mod paged some boxes and baked shortbread dipped in white chocolate with, of course, spring sprinkles. There were games, reading and puzzles so I really didn't get much else done but they only stay little a short time. Remember there was a time when it was fun to do the dishes instead of putting them in the dishwasher. Logan is already getting past that stage and would just play computer games if he had his choice. When spring comes they can help in the garden. My mother always said that if it was planted by a child it would grow and she has proved right through the years. I also put in a picture of the newest member in the Texas household. Seems to me that Nathan has found himself a protector. I'm told that Elmer spends each night curled up by his buddy Nathan. With all the activity managed to mess up Melissa's top and had to pull out to the setup row and start again. That happens when you are in a hurry and think you know what the instructions are going to say so you just go ahead and don't bother to read carefully. I have been suitably chastised and am once again knitting away. I have also ordered some yarn from a new supplier and will post about it when it comes in. I also included a picture of the Chew since Lady Jane with her dynamic weight loss got to be front and center the last post. Meanwhile...don't worry about the mud and have a happy spring.

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