Saturday, March 15, 2008

A touch of Spring

Here is Jade's top from the sister act. I started the hat but decided that she would have more fun with the tote so one of these days I will get going on that. Meanwhile the yarn arrived for her Mom's top. It is called simply Grape and it does look the color of a glass of grape juice. Maybe I can get that cast on tonight. Spring continues to inch its way to Wisconsin. The college kids are out in their shorts although I see no one was wearing sandals yet. Maybe I will be the first one to do that. Now it is once again off to a cup of hot tea. Sometimes it seems that there is just nothing happening and I hate to be repetitive when I post. Does anyone else have that problem? Maybe that is because my life is pretty calm. Not that I am complaining. I have had my share of chaos and am willing to accept things going a bit more smoothly.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, wish I was a little kid again! I would love this.