Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another cap

I forgot to put on the picture of the seaman's cap I made. Can't give a hat to one person and not the other when they are in the same household. Plus, the last time my son came by he was taking the kids snow tubing and didn't have a hat. I hope he just leaves this one in the car. I have also added a picture of Lady Jane and Chewie. They seem to getting along fine and take turns give each other baths. Returned to work to be overwhelmed. That is not a good excuse for not blogging as often as I should but it is an excuse. We have been short someone for almost a year now and hopefully we will be back at full staff in a couple of months. So off to the library and pet food store. Clothes to Wash and beds to make. Wow, does anyone besides me think that this never ends?

1 comment:

ann said...

The cap looks great. I signed up for 2 more swaps and thought of you. Take care.