Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I lost it

I must have been off the computer too long. I can't find my post. I hope this doesn't go on twice. I have been off the computer for a while. I had company and for a short while my computer was messed up. Luckily for me a friend's husband has me up and running again. So a quick catch-up is that spring is really...really here. I put the spiral knee sock that I am knitting Meghan by the lilacs. I love the colors together. I might just have to make something in that lovely lavender to go with them. I just found out Meghan will be in Wisconsin part of the summer watching Jade and Logan. What fun. I hope we find time to go somewhere. Maybe we can even engage her in lying a new floor in the kitchen. Teenagers are such fun. I have also been getting the Santa nightshirt ready and as soon as I finish Santa's face I will put on a picture of the finished project. I did seem to lose my magnifier so that will require a trip to a craft store. Oh, woe is me...You can imagine I would just hate doing that....Ha LOL.

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