Saturday, December 15, 2007

Forging Onward

I just finished hammering out a few more Christmas Projects. Actually, I only have a couple left so I can take a nice deep breath and slow down. Logan's sweater will be dry soon and then to just put on the sleeves and sew up the sides. Yea... I also made him a nightshirt this morning but forgot to take a picture. No problem, I am sure you have all seen a nightshirt. The bag holds a special gift for my daughter in law that mowed the yard for me and picked raspberries when I had the bum knee. I bought a new sewing machine over a year ago. It converts to a full embroidery machine and I really haven't had time to play around with it so yesterday I played. I have some things to figure out yet but it is good enough for a Christmas gift bag and who knows what I will accomplish next - if I take the time that is. Wisconsin is having quite a winter. Lots of snow and ice. I don't like driving in the stuff but I have to say it is really beautiful outside. Talk about a picture postcard. I think I will go and made a pot of tea before rolling up some Kahlua truffles I have chilling in the refrigerator. I will take the tea and sit and admire the sparkling landscape. Sometimes I have to remind myself that holidays are to enjoy. Tea and truffles anyone?

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peaknits said...

This is a wonderful time of year to relax and appreciate your surroundings - enjoy some peace with your tea and truffles!