Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring fever

Spring is finally coming to Wisconsin. When driving home last night I saw the ice on the river had broken up. We are supposed to have a bit of snow tomorrow and maybe Friday but I can't help but think that is about it. I finshed one sock of a toed sock so I can get into my flip-flops early. My feet will be so happy to breath again. Will post a picture later. I purchased this merino wool from ebay and I love the colors. I have found that I really like the superwash wool for socks but I will take exception to this one. Off to work for a few hours and then home to start the spring cleaning out. I really do get that spring cleaning feeling. It started last weekend and although the intensity is going, it is still with me. Thank God, it doesn't last forever. I like a clean and tidy home but enough is enough. I'm more anxious to get into the gardens than clean. The seed cataloges are worn from paging and it's getting to be time to place an order. On the 28th I will be flying to Texas to visit with my oldest son and his family. Lots of grandkids to hug and spoil. They are planning to put some raised veggie gardens in his new home and I can't wait. Tomato plants here I come. By the time I'm back it will be garden time in the midwest. Yeah!


peaknits said...

Time to garden at last...soon anyways! I just get so much spring fever myself this time of year to clean the yard and wash the windows, bike and walk with the kids, sit out on the deck and knit - the possibilities seem so endless while I wait for the weather to break!

Ann said...

I wish garden season was here. But, alas, in Vermont we have a while to go. Have fun in Texas. I love the emails keep them coming!