Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Tale of 2 Socklets or Free at Last

Have you ever had that pattern that you make a lot harder then it should be? I certainly did that with these socklets. It all started when I joined a KAL and found out I couldn't figure out the pattern at all. Not being one to give up I decided that what I needed to do was knit a practice pair of toe up socks. About 2 weeks later, one lost knitting needle (Thanks for the loan Stacie) and somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 tension headaches I have finished. I don't know why I am so stubborn and can't just fold once in a while. It is something I am going to have to work on. Meanwhile I am off to a couple of new projects. One is sewing and the other is crocheting. Areas in which I have much more competence. I know. I have knit things that are much more difficult but for some reason my mind just didn't want to go around these so it is time to put them in the wash and call it quits. My mother would have said they were almost the finish of me. My area is targeted for severe weather so I ran out and picked some flowers. I think the colors look nice with the socks and it got me outside for a few minutes.

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peaknits said...

OMG - I am so glad you can step away from the socks! Sometimes we get projects that just about drive us to drink - as I wanted to do when I had to rip out my whole Jaywalker...but we keep on knitting because we love it so much? Insanity.:)