Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The vest is coming along

Things are looking up. I called to tell the company that they forgot to bill me for my Internet service and they told me I had this month free. I can bend my knee enough to sit down and type on the computer and Izzy is happily cleaning my floors while I sit. You would think I would have finished this while I was doing all the sitting but for some reason I seemed to be more hooked on reading. Summer is never my best time. I like crisp breezes and chilly nights. You will most likely see a lot more work from me when fall comes stealing in. I do think the vest will turn out fine and I am prepared to shrink it a bit with a good hot wash. More later

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girlwithasword said...

the vest is looking amazing, I can't wait to see it! Glad you are relaxing (lazy summer time reading is the BEST, isn't it?) and I am extra glad things are looking up!!!