Monday, September 03, 2007

A Large Vest and lots of Grape Jelly

I finally finished that vest I started. Bummer. I shrunk it and it still is way too big. Eureka, I got a great idea. There is a woman at work that it ought to fit. I think I will take it in and give her a surprise gift tomorrow. I know I will never pull it all out and maybe it will be something bright for her day. If not she can give it to the Goodwill and I will never know. Besides finishing the vest we went to the County Fair yesterday. The kids always have to have their share of rides, games and junk food before school starts tomorrow. I came home exhausted and was going to start on the shawl I am making the neighbor when my son called. He said they had a neighbor who had grapes and wasn't going to use them so he told Jared to come and pick them. I wasn't going to turn down washed and stemmed grapes so I went off to their house. They did have lots of them. I brought some home and made grape jelly. The kids are going to do grape juice using my old easy can recipe and make some wine. I love the way the house smells when you are jelly making. Yum, the neighbor with the grapes, the kids and myself will have that wonderful touch of summer this winter when the winds blow. Making memories is always better then doing nothing.

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