Sunday, August 05, 2007

More Lazy days

It's raining outside, not that we don't need it but it does make it a perfect day to curl up with a good book. I have scads of tomaotes in the garden but the big ones don't seem to want to turn red. Even the green zebras are taking their good natured time to ripen. My pepper plants on the other hand are going crazy. They really like the hot dry weather. I was just curling up with a good book today when I had some unexpected company for breakfast. Jared had taken Logan fishing. (He insists that the rain is the best time to go) Logan cast and his fishing pole ended up in the water so after Jared waded in to get it he stopped at my house to use the dryer. It was the perfect time to make some pancakes and give them some of the peppers. I also had the chance to give them a shampoo that came in from Prairie land herbs. If you like herbal products this is a definite must visit site. I haven't tried a link in this newer formant so hopefully if you click here you will find it. If not I will try again later because it is really worth a visit. Now, I am going back to being lazy. Summer will be over one of these days and the projects will be posted but for now I will bake some zucchini and put my nose back in my book

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Christy J said...

Summer is by far my favorite season. In Northern Ontario it's too short. So I make no excuses for dropping everything and just enjoying every sunny day. That might mean knitting, or reading, or swimming, or just napping. Isn't it great!