Saturday, September 29, 2007

finished the shawl and on to the sock

I finally managed to finish the shawl I was making my neighbor. Okay, so I didn't block it but she will have that done in a nano second. I have also been working on some socks for the Firestarter KAL but I can't say there are going very well. So far I have pulled them out five times. Maybe it is take a break. Maybe I should just break the knitting needles. I let you know what I decide.


peaknits said...

So the needles or just a break? The shawl is wonderful - I am sure Phyllis will love it during these cool nights ahead!

Anonymous said...

Dianne I love this shawl. Yuo did a great job. I shall be posting on my blog again soon. Thanks for the emails. Love ya
Ann in Vermont