Saturday, September 22, 2007

The cool weather makes things go faster

I really needed to have the "shot in the arm" of cool weather. I am a real lazy bones when the weather is warm and especially when it is humid. The cooler evenings have helped me get more done on the shawl for Phyllis. I need to get it done before the October winds bring down the leaves so I am working away. I have also started a KAL with my friend at peaknits so I am under the gun so to speak. I have accepted that I may be starting when everyone else is done but that's okay. I have yarn that is so squishable that it will be fun to work with one I get going. Meanwhile here is a picture of the shawl or I should say 1/2 the shawl. You knit it in halves and then knit it together. I think it is done that day because of the pockets. At least this way I know I reached the half way point.


peaknits said...

The shawl looks so cozy - good fo an upcoming fall day! Can't wait til you cast on the KAL sock - I have only a toe - so you won't be far behind:)

Dipsy said...

This shawl is coming along very, very beautifully! And I'm sure it'll grow even quicker now that the weather's going down the hill! Happy Knitting, and enjoy your autumn!