Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Autumn Day

There is one word for today and that is MAGNIFICENT! The breeze is past crisp, the air has the smell of fall and the color of the sky is Indian Summer even though we are only into September. It is time to start doing more blogging. Last night I had Jade over for a Girls night out. She said I could only take the one picture and maybe tomorrow when she had another sleep over I could take another. I think that was a hint but it didn't work. She was happily playing with her friend when I left her house earlier today. I love Autumn. I have juicy Macintosh apples in the refrigerator. I am thinking of stews, soups and meatloaf. Best yet, it is time that I was soon settle down to doing more crafting. I won't be fast at first but I have started on my neighbor's shawl. She picked the pattern and it is certainly easy enough. The problem was the yarn. I would have never guessed it would be so difficult to find a soft pink in an ultra bulky. I finally manged though and have started so hopefully when the winds blow in Wisconsin this winter she will have something to snuggle in like a warm hug. There is a busy couple of weeks coming at work but then I should be back to the computer on a more regular basis as I finish up the work in the garden and hunker down for the cold days to come.

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