Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another package ready to go

I finally got together the rest of my package for the stitch markers swap so here it is. I took a picture of the markers earlier. I have been remiss at blogging the past week or so and really need to get going. I just ordered some sock yarn from the internet that looks wonderful and if it is half as yummy when it arrives I won't be able to wait to get a picture on my blog. Repeat after me, I will not keep buying sock yarn. I like to knit socks but there are things I would rather knit. Oh, but sock yarn seems to come in the most wonderful colors! This one is hand dyed and one of my presents for Christmas was a yarn winder. I love watching it wobble around and get the yarn all tidy. It is so nice to not have to wind from my swift any longer. I is still cold in Wisconsin but I have to bundle up and get to the storeand post office. Got to get that package in the mail. Chewie has about little over a quarter of his heart worm treatment finished and is giving me a disgusted look because I told him it was time to clean the house. He hates it when the vacumn makes it's growling noises. He doesn't run, but he sniffs it and keeps a close watch.


Petra said...

The package looks nice that you put together. I love the "Chicken Soup books". Isn't there even a knitting story in the first book, I thought I remembered something like that. I have to look for my copy of the book.

Best wishes

ann said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Dianne
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Hope you are enjoying your day!