Sunday, May 13, 2007

Garden time

We finally had some nice weather yesterday and I managed to clean out the pond and get in fresh water. No knitting but that does take back stage while I am getting the gardens ready for the summer. I miss having lots of land and it is always a challenge to me to get in everything that I want to plant. I hope to get my package finished for my hogwarts swap partner this week but don't want to put a picture in so my pal will be surprised when she gets it. I still have to do a couple of things including making stitch markers so will see how it goes and let you know. Meanwhile the picture tells you what has been occupying my time. As you can see, I have lots to dig out behind the pond. Oh well, it will all get done eventually. Lucky me has a friend coming to take raspberry bushes. I hate to throw them out and they can really take things over if you have a small area.

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