Monday, May 07, 2007

Quidditch Trivia Answers and still no second anklet

I am still working on the second sock and the garden but meanwhile I have to get my Hogwarts Swap answers down. Here are what I think.

1. Who isn't or hasn't been a Quidditch captain? This is a bad question. Cho is a captain in the newest book. Otherwise, it's Cho.Cedric DiggoryCho ChangOliver WoodMarcus Flint

2. Who are the Gryffindor chasers? (books 1-5) Alicia, Angelina and Katie
Hermione, Dean and SeamusAlicia, Angelina and KatieFred, George and OliverParvati, Colin and Neville

3. Who are the Slytherin beaters? (books 1-4) Derrick and Bole are the beaters in the first books. Later it is Crabbe and Goyle.
Crabbe and GoyleFlint and MontagueDerrik and BolePucey and Warrington

4. What type of broom isn't made anymore? Silver Arrow
FireboltSilver ArrowNimbusComet

5. The Slytherin team all ride the same broom, what is it? Nimbus 2001
Cleansweep SevenNimbus 2000Comet 260Nimbus 2001

6. Which of these is not a Quidditch team? Tudshull Tornados (It's supposed to be Tutshill Tornados)
Pride of PortreeAppleby ArrowsTudshill TornadosCaerphilly Catapults

7. Who is Head of Hufflepuff House? Professor Sprout
Professor BinnsProfessor FlitwickProfessor SproutProfessor Sinistra

8. Which Hufflepuff student is reported to have been one of the only peple to have ever given Hufflepuff success? Cedric Diggory
Justin Finch - FletchleyCho ChangCedric DiggoryLily Evans

9. In Book 1 who was the first Hufflepuff student to be sorted? Hannah Abbot
Hannah AbbottTerry BootSusan BonesLisa Arygle
10. What is the emblem of Hufflepuff House? Badger

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