Monday, May 21, 2007

My terrific Ravenclaw partner

I am so excited about this wonderful package from Paula. Look, just look at the tiny little socks on the bag. This will be my bag to take the socks I am knitting to work from here on out! It's wonderful. Not only that but she hand dyed the yarn just for me and the color is perfect. I am the book fan. Dare I admit that I have never managed to sit through one of the movies without falling asleep. My kids would understand. They have the movies and I have tried more than once but I guess I am a reader and not a watcher. Anyway, perfect, yes, perfect color in the stitch markers and I certainly never expected birch needles. Add a pattern that I am anxious to try and chocolate to quiet the ranging beast. I could not have asked for better. Thank-you Thank-you. ( I had to put in a picture of the bag full and then with contents. It is just so great!


peaknits said...

Another winner package!! I love the bag!

Jenean said...

That is a beautiful bag!!!