Monday, April 28, 2008

A cap with Bling

Jade's birthday has been kind of confusing this year. Her Mom had a memorial service to go to for her aunt and her dad had to be in Seattle for work so it was decided it would be this coming weekend instead. that gave me time to knit up a quick hat for the extra wait. It will be for next winter but she will have it ready and will now have a special hat just like her Mom has a special hat. this is the Captiane but I just can't take the heavy stripe across the brim. So I decided to add some bling by sewing on some rhinestone hearts. I hope Jade will like it. There is nothing like something fun and quick to make.


peaknits said...

This is so sweet - it almost hurts my teeth:) Jade won't like it - um, she will LOVe it! Way to go Grandma!

sauvageblue said...

I am in love it is so special I hope she loves it!