Sunday, April 13, 2008

A retro for the Domestic Goddess

I uncovered the sewing machine. It did act up a bit for a while. I think it's mad at me for not giving it enough attention. After a bit of fooling with it and sewing on some scrapes, it came around so that I could make Jade, the Domestic Goddess in the making, a couple of aprons. No, I am not kidding about the Domestic Goddess part. Last weekend she showed up at my house in her apron saying it was getting too small and could I make her another one. At that point she asked me if I knew what she had in her pocket and pulled out a spatula. I have been called a Martha Stewart but I have never liked aprons. Oh well, how can you say no.The light is bad and I can't seem to get a good picture but the white one trimmed in red reminded me of the 50's so I put it on good or not. Maybe Jade will grow up to be a CEO but right now she is into homemaking. I am also continuing to work on the top for Melissa. About 5 more inches and I can cast off. I am really a wimp about this top. The pattern is easy and I think it will be very nice but it is heavy... heavy. Am I the only one who hates it when what you are knitting weighs on your hands? I have lots more to do and need to get this done so I can get busy with my other projects. I have the body of sleeping Santa to make before my crafting buddy arrives to put it together. I have socks and a hat on the back burner. Then it is almost time to go out into the garden. Yes, it snowed yesterday but only a little bit so I can't help but think the time is coming soon to be planted and weeding. So back to knitting.

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Ann said...

ooh what is the purpley goodness you are making. I love the cables. Do tell-what is the pattern. I like the green one with the buttons as well. Patterns woman patterns. Oh and you are killing me with the email jokes!!!love ya