Friday, November 17, 2006

Mouse #1 the cook

One mouse is done and two to go. Napoleon has been quite ill so I have been busy and not getting online. But here is the mouse that went to my neighbor for her birthday. More as things get more settled down


Anonymous said...

That mouse looks really cute like some Beatrix Potter figurine. Very lovely.

Your SP

Ann said...

She is beautiful.Sorry to hear about Napoleon:(. Hope he feels better soon.

Polly said...

OMIGOD Mrs. Mouse is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! I'm ready to move in next door to you.

Feel better Napolean!

peaknits said...

Excellent little mouse - I'll admit when you first showed me this project I was a little skeptical - but how darling - great job!

Hope Napoleon is out of the woods soon!

dawn said...

I've got to start some knitted dolls (well one) tonight for my 9yo niece, and I'm not looking forward to it!
I think they look sweet, but I'm not keen on the fiddly knitting process.
You sound relaxed about Napolean, hopefully this is the recovery stage.