Saturday, November 04, 2006

Yarn Run

Did a yarn run today with a couple of good friends and fellow yarn addicts. Actually, I didn't buy much yarn.....GOOD FOR ME. I did find a bunch of new pattern books...Not so good. Now I will be out finding yarn to fit the pattern anyway. I also found a shawl pin to go on a bag I am knitting my secret pal over at secret pal 9 and a nice mitten pattern that would give some choices to my pal at KSKS. That is a little chancy because I signed up and got the congratulations but I don't seem to be able to log in so will have to see what happens on that one. I have written the hostess. I probably missed some step along the way. Oh, and of course what is a yarn run without something chocolate. How about that giant homemade peanut butter cup. A good finish for a long and productive day. Check the yarn in the corner. My granddaugher will love socks with sparkle. Yikes! Another thing to try and get done before Christmas.

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Polly said...

You are totally spoiling your pal!

I am a whore patterns too. I think I buy more patterns than yarn. A pattern is easier for me to justify, though confession- my friend went to Stitches East and I had her drop a serious amount of money on my behalf for yarn. So much that she'll need a refridgerator box just to send it.

I wish I had your strength!