Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just a note

My secret pal got her gifts and it seems she is very happy with them. That makes me happy too. I always am excited to have made a good guess. Not much going on tonight. I had to have Napoleon to the Dr to have surgery on a root tooth. After I talked about his flossing...I should know better. No decay, no problems but he managed to break a tooth off at the root. It was very large and health. So large the vet said I should take it home because it was a whopper. Vet added that he couldn't believe the torque it would have taken to make that happen. Meanwhile Napoleon is laying in the doorway of the room snoring after getting a pain pill. When I picked him up he was still a bit groggy and worked around like he was drunk making noises like a hippo through that big muzzle. No wonder they call his particular muzzle rhino mouth. Guess I will get a cup of tea, have a tad of gift chocolate and do a bit of quick knitting on a felted bag I am making for my secret pals next gift parcel.


peaknits said...

What felted bag?? Gotta share! I feel like you should to keep me informed on any of your knitting news! :)

Polly said...

Your spoilee WAS THRILLED!!!! You did a great job with it. Good luck to your patients.