Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Smells of Christmas-cinnamon, nutmeg and burned brussel sprouts

Just a note to those of you who are running around trying to get that last special gift for you little one and think that when the kids are grown all will go smoothly. This Christmas as I will be at my son's house and have a new dog to adjust to his new home so I kept the Christmas decorations to a bare minimum. That's saying a lot for a person that has 5 trees in the basement of various sizes and materials. Anyway, things were going along so smoothly that when I looked up at the curtains over the patio door and decided they needed to be washed it was a simple no brainier to get them sparkling white for the holidays. I love the smell of fresh washed fabric and between the clean curtains and the spices permeating the house it was really, I mean really nice. Now I admit it. I am one of those people who love brussel sprouts. My kids go yuk, little cabbages, but I have no one to please but myself and bought a nice large container. I cleaned them up and put them on the stove with just a tad of water, then I started to work with some wonderful yarn that my secret pal sent me in an earlier package. It was so relaxing. I have the last present wrapped. The ice cream is made. The house smells fresh and clean....WAIT A MINUTE. It stinks. Of no, I got so carried away with the knitting that I forgot I had the brussel sprouts on the stove. Nothing smells quite a bad as burned brussel sprouts. Hummmm...the only difference I can see with the addition of years is that as much as the house smells I am somehow finding it funny. Thank God for the ability to open the doors and the new sprays. So what is wrong with a lilac smelling Christmas? Nothing that I can think of. That will teach me to feel smug. Merry Christmas to all of you out there and may just a little something go wrong because there is no perfect. Better yet, I hope you enjoy the bumps in the road..they are what keep us alert.


peaknits said...

I chuckled to myself - it's good to have a little humor when things take a turn - life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get!!

Ann in Vermont said...

I put water on for poached eggs and went to deliver Christmas cookies to the neighboor. 1 hour later the house smelled like rotten eggs, as my daughter had used the pan before me. I know the feeling. Hope you have a great holiday, Dianne.