Saturday, December 02, 2006

Solstice Magic ball

I have really become addicted to these swaps. I have met some wonderful people out there. So I keep signing up. Here is what I am sending my latest partner. Her mother is battling cancer. She is getting a knit cap from the yarn so this is a soft suede acrylic so that it is not scratchy. My prayers to my partner and her family. Meanwhile, I was snowed in yesterday and I can't say that I really minded. The plow that gets me out didn't get to the house until about 4 PM so I had lots of tea and managed to finally get a book read in one sitting. I am currently finishing a mitten that is cabled and then on to other things. I am also now on a search for a new companion. I am sure that there is one out there just waiting for his/her new home. Meanwhile I have found a lot of caring people. Will keep you updated.


Ann in Vermont said...

Your ball looks beautiful! Good luck on your companion search. Hopefully you will find one soon. Snow! We are so lucky, knock on wood, no snow here in VT yet. My ball is going out on Monday. I will post a picture on my blog.Take care!

peaknits said...

What a nifty swap - I need to know about what you put in there:)

Dipsy D. said...

What an amazing ball this is - happy swapping! Wow, you already got snow! We're still in something like Indian Summer over here with way too high temps for this time of year - the people from the skiing areas are already getting pretty nervous ;) Happy Knitting, and enjoy the snow!