Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another wonderful package

I just got another wonderful package from Petra, my now unveiled secret pal in secret pal 9. The shadows of evening show on the picture but I could not wait to get this up and on my blog. Petra has done a wonderful job of spoiling me and continued right to the end. This time the package included among other things, some wonderful yarn, a book that has not only sock patterns but the history of socks. (I am a pushover for this type of thing) needles... knitting and other, and best of all a needle case that she made herself. She always includes candy and treats for my dog as well as a paper item. I have been so very fortunate to have her as a pal to introduce me to the world of longer term "swaps." I only hope that she had someone spoiling her that was at least 1/2 as nice as the way she spoiled me. Thank-you again Petra Oh, and I don't know why but Chewie is in love with the blue/green yarn I have to zip it up in the tote because he wants to snuffle it all and time.


Petra said...

My goodness, that went fast! I am glad you like it.
The green yarn contains mohair so maybe it smells a little like goat for Chewie or our cat left a few hairs on it as she has her nose everywhere also ;-)
Best wishes

Ann said...

Hi Dianne
Thank you for the email! Check out my blog for a good laugh!