Sunday, January 14, 2007

The dust cover is off

I finally got the dust cover off of my sewing machine. It was a bit mad at me and I had to put in a new needle to show it that I meant business and was not planning on deserting it after only sewing up a pulled out seam. I will admit that the majority of today was dedicated to reading and just being lazy but I did manage to get the bodice of Jade's dress put together. I have a tendency to go off the beaten path and that goes for my patterns as well as my life. I have used eyelet with the dotted swiss and now am wondering if I didn't make a mistake. What do you think? Oh well, I am out of elastic button fastening tape and will have to make some so this will be put off for a little bit anyway. Maybe by then I will have decided if it looks more old fashioned if I take out the eyelet. Jade will probably love it no matter what because there are beads on it. They aren't big but they are beads. Chewie is whining for attention. He starts his heart worm treatment soon and that scares me to death. I was told he was negative but when I got him and took him to my vet, no such luck. Of course by then I was in love with him so here we go. I don't know how to keep a young dog quiet for all of at least a month. I must tell the vet that I will be the one who will need a tranquilizer to get me through this.

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Anonymous said...

The dress looks nice so far.
Tell you what I blew the curcuits of my sewing machine today. I was about to put something together for you and suddenly a loud noise and smoke appeared. Darn! I will have to get it double checked by my husband tonight (he is pretty good fixing electrical things). I hope it's not totally broken :-( I do have another machine but the thread tension of that one is pretty off so it is sewing loops. I could bite my behind!!!

Secret Pal