Saturday, January 27, 2007

the January Blahs

The month of January has hit me with full force. The grey sky is so sad it almost seems as though it will press down and force tears from eyes. It have all this wonderful new yarn and keep looking through all my patterns but nothing seems to excite me enough to get started. Today, once the regular housework was done, I sat in my cuddle (a fuzzy zipper blanket that I figured is at least 25 years old) and was content to read a book and drink some tea without having at least a hundred projects going through my head. Maybe we need this time of rest. It might feel lazy but it also might be a time of reflection and renewal. Sometimes I think that we could all benefit by using a bit more introspection so maybe the blahs are really the Yeahs and we should be happy to have these lazy days to grow in knowledge and perhaps self understanding. I doubt if this will last long so I might as well enjoy it.


Ann said...

Hugs, plain and simple.

Petra said...

I really hope you are feeling better! Usually November hits me hard, the bad weather, the shorter daytime, gross!!
Anyway. I hope you feel better soon!

Best wishes

Christy J said...

We call them "couch and blankie days" around here. Nothing wrong with that. I'm sure you'll recharge soon. I'm not going out too much myself these days - it's about 28 degrees below 0 Celsius in Northern Ontario. But the cold weather brings crisp clear blue sky and sunshine that at least make it nice to look out the window. P.S.> Nice to be able to visit you here.