Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's done Well, almost

Whenever Jade gets something she says is that "my cute little _______". so in this case her cute little dress is finished. Well, I do have to hem it but as it is lined I don't want to guess and have to do it again so I will wait until she tries it on. It is a drop waist so there might not be much skirt when it is hemmed. Time to get back to my knitting. The weather here is cold and it will be nice to cuddle up in the recliner and listen to the click of the needles. I get lazy in the winter. With all of the yarn my secret pal sent me in the Mitt kit exchange I really need to get a top I have on my needles finished. I have put this off because I am afraid that I don't quite have enough yarn and am not sure where to get more. I also am a basket case because my dog that was supposed to be heart worm negative starts his heart worm treatment this coming week. I don't know any way to keep a young dog quiet for weeks. My vet keeps trying to reassure me that it will be fine and even gave me the information they have on the treatment. It still makes me really nervous. I really really like this dog and there is always a possibility of a problem with this treatment. Enough rambling. Off to my chair and those knitting needles.

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