Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring finally has started

I am behind and getting things done outside. Spring came in with a blast of snow this year and I really put things off that should be done so other then a few rows on my anklets there was no knitting this weekend. I did have Jade come and visit. She and I planted seeds and did a "project." (Anything I craft with the grandkids they call a project.) Jade made a Ghost mobile. It went home before I got a picture but I am sure she will find somewhere to hang it up until the next project takes its place. I also got a surprise gift or I should say gifts. I have raspberry bushes. As anyone knows who has these pesky things, raspberries taste great but they mulitply like rabbits. I am always looking for someone to give them to as I hate to toss them away. My youngest son brought a friend from work that needed to replace some of hers and she brought me switchplates. I have one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. I will have to get some brass screws or touch up the ones I have with a brush of gold paint but I am tickled with them. I am guessing that for the next few weeks knitting will take a back seat to working outside. Today, when Jared and family brought the friend, they helped clean out the pond. So water needs to go in and plants pulled from the garden where they were buried for the winter. There is also lots of weeding out there. Stay tuned and I will post as I work my way through.

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