Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What a wonderful Pal!

I'm back from TX where it stormed every day but two. We did manage to get some planting done and I have a sandal's mark so when it was sunny it was hot, at least compared to Wisconsin. i used to live in TX so I know it is going to get much much hotter. The big news is.... What did I return to? A great package from my secret pal in Secret Pal 10. I love every item. You would think that she had known me for years. I wanted to get this up on my blog right away and so will make this short and sweet with more from TX later. Last night as tired as I was I had to go through the Folk Shawls book. One of these days I see a Sampler Shawl in the works. That is after I finish all those other items I have in mind. Anyway, here is my haul and a wonderful one it is. The fingering weight yar is alpaca and silk from the UK. she said she really loved it and I can hardly wait to try it out. Oh, the picture of Chewie is because I wanted to put the chew toy she sent him in with the rest for a picture but you can see that he is not moving his little (maybe I should say big) paw to let me take it.

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