Saturday, October 07, 2006


What a day! I am afraid to touch anything. I can't get the speakers to work on my computer. I went to take a picture with the digital camera and it didn't work. (that was batteries and repaired) then Jade came to visit and we made chocolate cookies. They were all on the sheets and ready to put in the oven. Yeah, the oven didn't light. We'll Dad came to pick her up and the cookie dough went home with them. I might be a good time to knot out the frustrations of the day. I did finish the ribbon top and will put on a picture. I also made some stitch markers. I hope they don't catch on things. I had an old antique crystal necklace that broke some time ago. Lots of the crystals were lost so this may be a great way to use them up. I did get some coral yarn wound and can start the hat to match the potato chip scarf I showed a couple of days ago. to the recliner. The weather is great, crisp and cool and I can sit by the bay window and work on something where I don't feel as inadequate for a while. Batteries-tech tools-broken ovens.....UGH!

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