Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Some new projects

I've been "under the weather" with a case of flu. When not sleeping, taking Tylenol and slurping down lots of liquid I did manage to do some work on a cold weather set I am making my daughter in law. I showed you the potato chip scarf earlier but somehow it needed something else. Here is the hat and start of the mittens. It needs weaving in the ends and blocking, not my favorite things to do. I did start to wonder if she would be getting a different coat. This won't go with everything. Ah well. Wisconsin has lots of variety when it comes to fall and winter and if nothing else it is sure to go with a jean jacket. I am also starting a shrug and matching tank top out of the green bamboo yarn. - Yes I have lots more, the picture is just for the color. I'm not sure about the shetland brown but I know I will find something. The pink project is for one of my granddaughters. She says her favorite color is pink so I thought why not make her a felted carryall in a nice soft pink color. As usual I have too many things going for Christmas but what I don't finish in time will be nice for a surprise gift during the year. The nice thing about the flu is it doesn't seem to affect you fingers. I will admit the neighbor found me asleep in the recliner with the knitting on my lap.

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peaknits said...

I hope you are beginning to feel better! I laughed when I imagined your neighbor (*P*?) finding you passed out with knitting - you have your priorities straight!:)