Tuesday, September 19, 2006

perseverance wins out

Here it is. The ribbon top. Lucky for me the granddaughter that is going to get this falls somewhere between a size 1 and 3 or I think I would just toss it. My secret pal on the scarf exchange, who by the way is very good at staying incognito, suggested a plastic bag. Sounds good to me. Anything that would help sounds good to me. She also suggested I not worry about keeping the ribbon flat. It will certainly be much easier that way. The table kind of blends with the ribbon so you can't see the pattern down the middle but it is coming along and I hope to get the finished item on for viewing one of these days. Thanks Pal! I appreciate the assistance.

Tonight is brisk. I love the cooler air and the idea of fall coming. Working with worsted weight yarn is starting to sound really good. Then there are the smells of fresh homemade bread and stew wafting through the kitchen. Autumn is really my favorite season. I lived in the south for a few years. It had advantages but I love this time of year in the Midwest.

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