Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Remember when?

I had it all planned. It wasn't going to be a fun day but I was finally going to get the ceiling fans cleaned and get those pieces of mystery meat out of the refrigerator. Now that it stays dark longer, Napoleon lets me sleep in,,,sometimes until 6 AM or later. I would get up slowly, take my time and go to work. I did get up after 6 AM but to the sound of grandma! I'm here to visit. Jade, the littlest of the "kidlets" came to help me out and keep me company today. Her Mom just had some surgery last week. She is doing well but her Mom went home last evening and so I had a surprise Jade visit for my day off. I didn't do any knitting, maybe that will happen later this evening. What Jade and I did was bake. We made home made Italian bread and chocolate/butterscotch chip cookies. Jade's idea of the perfect lunch was hot dogs and cookies so it required us doing some stirring up and baking. Boys or not my kids always cooked and baked with me. I ended up having some men that are pretty good chefs if I do say so myself so the "kidlets" (by now you have figured this is the name I use for the grandkids) always cook with Gram. The best part though was always licking the spatula and the beaters so if you remember when you did this or your kids maybe it will bring back some pleasant memories. I hope so.

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Liz said...

My son loves to 'help' bake cookies. He has exactly one thing that he feels the need to help with... licking the beaters! :)